Omega Seamaster 300 replica watch quality comparison

Recently, the market is very chaotic, and several major watch manufacturers have to adjust their shipments, not to mention any new products. However, GF factory suddenly released a model, OR Replica Seamaster 300, OR is a product line separated by GF factory , focusing on the Omega series, with “OR” as the pronoun, clearly expressing that we want to grab the business of the VS factory, whether or not to grab it and whether it can be grabbed are two different things. Next, we will compare the OR factory Seamaster 300 with the VS factory.

Personally, I think the VS factory is more pleasing to the eye in terms of cutting, especially the edge of the scale. However, there is no difference in the case of magnification. It may be that the VS factory is preconceived. There is no difference between the two factories, and both products can reach a satisfactory level. As for the appearance of the case, it goes without saying that it is the standard of major manufacturers and the best in the industry. In fact, the first feeling of engraving the wrist is the movement, the two are different, so we mainly look at the comparison of the movement.

Before I got this watch, some merchants claimed that it was an all-in-one movement. When I got it, it was initially judged to be 9015 plus deck, which is no different from the 2824 movement plus splint of the VS factory. The VS factory hippocampus The deck gemstones of the Seamaster 300 movement are ruddy in color, and the deck fan-shaped pattern is neat, which is quite pleasing to the eye. The VS factory’s movement uses 2824. Some experts like to say that the Replica Seamaster 300 series is not an all-in-one machine, and the 600 series or Constellation is an all-in-one machine.

I’m too lazy to analyze, the typical result of reading junk articles and not seeing the results of genuine watches, the genuine Seamaster 300 movement is also in the 8 series, but the adjustment settings of this movement itself are different from those of the hippocampus 600 series, and there is no quick calendar setting. Jump function. If the integrated movement of the VS hippocampus is undoubtedly redundant, the VS factory is very well tailored according to the situation of the watch.

We can zoom in on the deck of the Seamaster 300 movement of the OR factory. The precision is indeed different from that of the VS factory. The color of the gemstone and the texture of the deck are engraved on the wrist. It is believed that there is still an improvement compared to the VS factory. However, the OR factory has an advantage, that is, the movement It adopts the same card-free adjustment as the original one, and there is only one thing at the arrow position that can provide error adjustment, canceling the traditional “speed and slow needle” setting. What is a cardless hairspring? The movement is traditionally set with the speed needle of the card, and the movement without the card is much more expensive, and the ready-made circulation movements such as 2824, 2892, 2836, 9015, etc. are traditional circlips, and Omega’s Seamaster 300 is genuine That is, there is no need for a speed needle, and weights are used to adjust the speed of the watch directly. This is the so-called card-free degree. The OR factory’s setting is better than the VS in terms of card-free degree.

Generally speaking: the appearance and workmanship of the OR and VS factories are the same, which is the difference in the movement. The VS factory uses the traditional Seagull 2824 movement, and the OR factory uses the Japanese 9015 Citizen. If you compare the plywood of the VS factory carefully , To look finer, the advantage of the OR factory is that there is no card balance spring that caters to the genuine product, while the VS is not the correct version. As for which is better, I believe that different watch friends have different opinions, whether it is VS or GF, it is worth starting!